Data formats
CSV logo
CSV data
By default, Marple supports CSV files where there is a time column and headers in the first row.
Even CSV files up to 20GB are no issue for Marple
Matlab logo
Data sets from MATLAB or Simulink are usually exported to .mat files.
These files can be imported into Marple easily.
PX4 logo
PX4 data
ROS or PX4 machines often generate .ulog or .bag files after a flight or test.
These files can be imported into Marple with minimal configuration.
National Instruments logo
National instruments data
Data from national instruments systems is often saved as .TDMS which can be tedious to work with.
Marple can import .TDMS files very easily.
Custom plugin
Your custom data
In case your data format is not listed here, or if you have your own data format, you can create a new plugin and add it to your Marple instance. If you want to know more, contact us!
AWS logo
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Marple can be deployed on AWS
Azure logo
Microsoft Azure
Marple can be deployed on Azure
Google cloud logo
Google cloud
Marple can be deployed on Azure
Docker logo
Marple can be deployed using a docker image
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