Marple is moving to the web

Hi there!

We have some exciting news again, this time about our product. We are moving from a desktop solution to a server based solution and make Marple a web tool.

A server based approach has many benefits:

  • Data can now be stored in a central location and accessed from all around the world. This enables users to analyse their data from home, which can be quite useful these days.
  • Loading data has never been easier as the data only needs to be processed once on the server after which it is available for everyone instantly
  • Collaboration is now a real thing: you can share your analysis with colleagues, make bookmarks or notes on the data

We will soon launch a demo version online so you can experience the advantages Marple brings. For now, enjoy the short demo video below:

Marple Pivot GIF

Do you want more information about our server product? Make sure to reach out!

The Marple team.